The first Zee born in Holland

When Bruin Bruinszoon Zee was born in Medemblik in March 1735, he became the first Zee born in Holland; his mother Anna and father Bruno were German, and moved to this little harbour town in the north of Holland around 1733. All of our family members can trace their line back to Bruin Bruinszoon Zee. For most of us today, this is our 3rd, or 4th-great-grandfather.

A tough start in life

Bruin grew up in Medemblik in challenging circumstances. His mother Anna died when he was 15, and his father Bruno followed shortly after when he had just turned 18. That year, 1753, was particularly tough: a week after his father died, he had to watch helplessly as his three sisters were placed in an orphanage: one of them would not leave alive. There was nothing left to him in a will, so he had to make his own luck in life.

Things change: he meets Jannetje

A girl from Lutjebroek would provide that good fortune.

Jannetje Tromp was four years younger than Bruin, from a small but well known family in Grootebroek, about 15km from Medemblik. Her father Frederik Pieters Tromp was not only the head of the town council, but an established investor, landowner, and the headmaster of the school in Lutjebroek. However, he wasn’t well.

Frederik Tromp’s death announced in the “Mathematische liefhebberye, met het nieuws der Fransche en Dutsche scholen in Nederland, Volume 8” [>]

Frederik Tromp died on May 13, 1760, after a long illness, six months before Jannetje and Bruin were married in Lutjebroek that December.

Jannetje was left a large sum of money in his will – several thousand guilders, and some of her father’s land. And so, the young couple had options.

The Summer of 1763

April 2nd, 1763. They’ve been living in Lutjebroek now for over 2 years, and have a young daughter – Anna, named after her grandmother.

This Saturday morning, Bruin is reading the newspaper. The headline story has been the same for weeks: more details of the Treaty of Paris, ending the Seven Years’ War, and half of the paper is given over to the minute details of the agreement. Turning to the advertisements, he spots something that catches his interest.

On the following Monday, April 4th, there’s going to be an auction in the Inn at Zuidscharwoude at 1pm, for a Ship building business. Worth a look! He discusses it with Jannetje: they have the money to buy it, isn’t it worth a shot? And so, on Monday, Bruin makes the trip to De Roode Leeuw in Zuid Scharwoude.

The trip turns out to be worthwhile. A sale is agreed quickly, and they don’t waste any time moving on it. On May 19th, Jannetje gets her blessing from the church to move parishes, and on May 28th, 1763, Bruin becomes the new owner of the Pannekeet, a historic house and shipyard in the Heerhugowaard. The price? A steal, at 150 guilders.

Purchase agreement for Pannekeet Shipyard, bought by Bruin Zee on May 28th, 1763

Following in his fathers maritime footsteps, Bruin Zee is now officially an entrepreneur and shipbuilder. A new chapter in their lives awaits.


Bruin and Jannetjes new house at Pannekeet was already a very historic building when they bought it, dating back to the early 1600’s. It can be seen drawn on this map of the area from 1625.

“De Groote Zuyder Vaart”, map by Baert Claesz in 1625.
The house at Pannekeet on the same map, to the right of the windmill.

Right across from the Pannekeet shipyard was the Staert windmill (also known as Molen ‘G’ in Zuid Scharwoude), built in 1575. This was a peculiar type of windmill known as a Wipmolen, likely the largest of its type in North Holland, and survived until 1934 when a fire destroyed it. This windmill would have been Bruin Zee’s view to the west from Pannekeet.

A family of Schoolteachers

Bruin Bruinzoon Zee had a great fondness for education, the inspiration for which came from his wife’s father Frederik Tromp. Three of his children became schoolteachers: the first was Bruin, followed by Frederik and then Pieter.

Frederik Zee: The fifth Frederik

This Frederik Zee was definitely a character. Unlikely as it sounds, he was the fifth Frederik to be born to his parents, Bruin & Jannetje. Put another way, he was one of five brothers all named Frederik. The Frederiks of 1763, 1764, 1766, and 1768 did not survive beyond a year old. But he did.

His father Bruin was very keen for all his children to be very well educated – and just like two of his other brothers than made it to adulthood, he became a teacher. His school was in Spanbroek.

Frederik the fifth was fond of a drink. This much is clear from a school inspection in 1817:

The following year, he got a better review:

Smoked Ribs and Birdcages: The sale of Frederiks things, 1825.

When Frederik died, unexpectedly, in 1825, his wife Lijsje sought help to clear out the house, and his nephew Louwris Zee, and his sisters husband Jacob Gorter, took it upon themselves to organize a big garage sale, with sale by auction, in April that year. The auction was well attended – in excess of 100 people, including family, friends, and curious bargain seekers turned up to rummage through his estate.

The records of who bought what, and who showed up, give us a curiously detailed snapshot of life in Spanbroek and West Friesland in 1825, and more specifically, exactly what was in Frederik Zee’s house.

First out of the traps was Piet Wever, who bid 10 cents for a reading desk, getting the first bargain of the day, probably because of its cumbersome shape and size. Once things started selling, and notwithstanding that he was organizing the thing, Jacob Gorter didn’t waste any time, buying an egg-rack for 50 cents. Louwris Zee wasn’t to be outdone … he quickly got involved too. Item number 15 was …. a piece of bacon. That took the highest price of the day so far, at 2 guilders 10 cents. A smoked rib was the next item, going for 45 cents to Aris de Jong from Spanbroek.

Jan Zee from Benningbroek, his brother, was also at the auction, patiently biding his time before stepping out of the shadows to snatch up two buckets, for 2 guilders 10c. Following this, a series of copper kettles, pans, and other kitchenware went to various bidders.

Auction record, from Notaris Pieter Levert [> Acten 1824-5, p293]

After a series of small lots – coffee pots, baskets, tin cans, candle holders – the star of the show was brought in: Frederik Zee’s horse and cart. The horse went to Dirk Koolhaas for 45 guilders, and the cart must have been a spectacular one, for it raised 122 guilders. The horse went out, the sheep came in (with two lambs), and these too were sold for good money.

Back to the house contents – everything conceivable was now for sale: fire stokers, soup bowls, bird cages, plates (including Delft Blue), and about 20 paintings. Jan Zee bought two of them, likely not Rembrandt’s, as he got them for 35 cents. But Frederik certainly had a good collection of them. The auction ended with a total value of 480 guilders and 85 cents.

Pieter Zee: Teacher Three

The third teacher was Pieter Zee, in the Purmer.


B5 Bruin Bruinszoon Zee
b 30-Mar-1735 Medemblik [Bruno Zee & Anna Meijers]
+ 16-Aug-1798 Noordscharwoude aged 63
x Jannetje Frederiksdr Tromp 14-Dec-1760 Lutjebroek
b 20-Dec-1739 Grootebroek [Frederik Pietersz Tromp & Bregje Jans Ham]
+ 29-Nov-1790 Noordscharwoude aged 50

C10 Anna        b 21-Mar-1762 Lutjebroek 
x Arnoldus Klaasz. Lippinghoff * 1758 + 10-Dec-1812 Noordscharwoude, age 54
  26-Aug-1792 Klaas x Lijsbeth Klomp 17-May-1818 Rijnsaterwoude
  23-Mar-1794 Bruijn Langedijk + 5-Mar-1817 Alkemade aged 23
C11 Freek       b 20-Feb-1763 baptised in Lutjebroek, Freek. Check Begraven - no entries in Lutjebroek. Could be in Zuid Scharwoude.
C12 Frederik    b 15-Apr-1764 Heerhugowaard   +
C13 Bruin         04-Aug-1765 Heerhugowaard   x Neeltje Zijp
C14 Frederik    b 24-Aug-1766 Heerhugowaard   +30-Aug-1766 Noordscharwoude
C15 Bregje               1769 Langedijk       x Jacob Gorter, +11-Apr-1850 Hoogwoud aged 80
                1788 moved to Hoogwoud [LMR Hoogwoud]
                1812 mentioned as living in Aartswoud bij Hoogwoud
C16 Frederik          c. 1767 ?               +10-Jun-1768         
C17 Frederik             1770 Noordscharwoude x Lijsbeth Wagenaar. Schoolteacher
                1791 moved to Hoogwoud [LMR Hoogwoud]
C18 Pieter       19-Mar-1772 Langedijk       x Grietje Smal. Schoolteacher.
                1791 moved to Hoogwoud [LMR Hoogwoud]
C19 Mietje       01-Mar-1773 Noordscharwoude x Reijer Hartman, +18-Jul-1819 Ilpendam
   15-Oct-1800 Jannetje Oude Wetering x Pieter Kramer
               Lijsbeth Purmerend x Arian van Heerden
C20 Johannis                 Noorscharwoude, + 04-09-1775 Jan Bruinsz Zee, get. Anna Bruin Zee, impost 3fl.
C21 Jan          02-Sep-1783 Noordscharwoude x Aaltje Schuitemaker  


Bruin & Jannetje
30-Mar-1735  Bruin was baptised in Medemblik. The witness, Anna Christoffels married Caspar Heijtsick in Medemblik in 1732, and Juriaan Cleijn in 1740.
30-Mar-1735  Bruin is baptised Lutheran Church, Medemblik. One of only two children baptised there that year. 1736- 4 children. So, a tiny church community.
29-Nov-1760 Medemblik DTB, Bruidegomsrecht Bruin Zee x Jannetje Tromp, f3
10-Mar-1761  Belijdenis Jantje Freeks Tromp [DTB Lutjebroek]
29-May-1763  Jannetje Tromp vertr van Lutjebroek met att naar Zuidscharwoude [Lidmaten Lutjebroek]
28-May-1763  Bruin bought Pannekeet Shipmakers from Jan Janz Dorregeest for fl. 150
15-Apr-1764  Kind gedoopt, genoemd Frederik, vader Bruijn Bruijnsz Zee, moeder Jannetje F. Tromp, uit Heerhugowaard - Doopboek Zuid-Scharwoude [>]
23-Sep-1764  Zuid Scharwoude: ingekomen van Lutjebroek, Jannetje Frederiksdr Tromp
03-Aug-1765  Zuid Scharwoude ('de HH Waard'): ingekomen van Medemblik, Trijntje Bruinsdr Zee [LMR Geref Kerk ZS]. Lived in same place as Bruin Zee & Jannetje Tromp from Aug 1765 onwards, with her husband Evert Hulst.
04-Aug-1765  Kind Bruin gedoopt, vader Bruin Zee, moeder Jannetje Tromp, uit den Heerhugowaard - Doopboek Zuid Scharwoude [>]
24-Aug-1766  Kind Frederik gedoopt Zuid Scharwoude, uit den Heerhugowaard [>] 
11-Jul-1767  Bruin sold Pannekeet to to Jan Janz Nat for f.250. When he died, his widow Heijltje Willems couldn’t manage it, so Bruin Zee helped here out by buying it back in 1783. [To be confirmed as fact]. Jan Janz Nat left Medemblik for Oostzaan in 1765 at the same time as Trijntje Bruins (Bruin's sister) left for Langedijk. Jan Janz Nat was a Diaken in the Gereformeerd Kerk in Medemblik [>]. 
      -1767 Jan Strijbis verkoopt aan Bruijn Bruijnsz een Huijs en erve, met -een agterste gedeelte van een Huijs dat bezuijden aan, staande ende gelegen int Suijd ent onder Dorpe om — F900:0:0. The tax was f22 (40th penny, or 2.5%). This set records in Noord Scharwoude, it was the highest price paid for a property this year, maybe in years. [Gaarder archief NS, 40ste penning >] Jan Strijbis was married to Maartje Ootjers, then Neeltje Cornelis Backer. Full genealogy [>]. Mentioned as Burgemeester Noordscharwoude. Hard to haggle with the Mayor. 1708-1781. 
16-Nov-1767  Zuid Scharwoude: Jannetje Fr Tromp, met att vertr uit Broek, naar Noorscharwoude
22-Nov-1767  Jannetje Fr Tromp, huisvr van Bruin Zee met att ingekomen Noordscharwoude [DTB Noorscharwoude Geref.]
10-Jun-1768  Frederik, Bruin Bruinsz Zee, get, impost 3fl. Impost Begr. Noorscharwoude. 
      -1770 Jacob Oudt verlijdt aan Bruijn Bruijnsz een speciaal hypoteecq op het voorste gedeelte van een Huijs en erfje met een voor erfje staande en gelegen in het noord end onser Dorpe, fl. 250, tax fl 6,9. Gaarder Noordscharwoude [>]
      -1773 Bruijn Zee verkoopt aan Pieter en Aldert Koeckebacker een damschuijt voor fl. 167. Gaarder Noordscharwoude [>] Bruijn Zee verkoopt aan Simon Harksz en Willem de Graaf een damschuijt voor fl. 226. Gaarder Noordscharwoude [>] 
15-Mar-1782 Bruin Bruinsz Zee nominated Hendrik Gerritzoon Zwager as elder
1783 Bruin buys back Pannekeet Shipmakers
26-Mar-1784 Bruin Bruinsz Zee nominated Arij Zwager as elder.
11-Mar-1785 same, nominated Jan Pieters Smit
02-Mar-1788 Bruin Bruinsz Zee nominated as elder by Pieter Ootjes
23-Mar-1788 Bruin Bruinsz Zee confirmed as church elder
19-Sep-1791 Testament registered, in favor of son Jan: 1000 fl., Bregtje, Frederik, Pieter, Mietje en Jan: Gold, Silver and Cloths on hand at death, Anna, Bruin - looked after in mothers will already. R>> Jannetje Tromp will, 1790 - can this be found?
16-Aug-1798 Burial tax Bruijn Zee f3, paid by Arnoldus Lippinghoff.
27-Nov-1798 Noordscharwoude: Boelhuijs gehouden ter sterfshuisje van Bruin Zee waarin is geproviniert de somma van fl. 112.13 [50.3.007 Inv 2 Alkmaar N.B. Jaartallen 1764-1773, 1775, 1795-1802.] Auction of house contents.
01-May-1800 Sale of a woonhuisje, Bruin to Bruinsz Zee, south side of Noordscharwoude, for fl 75. Rekening wegens ontvang van de 40ste en 80ste penning, de collaterale successies en de impost op het trouwen en begraven (Gaarder) 1764-1802 [A 50.3.007 Inv 3 Alkmaar]

Timeline others

Anna Zee

21-Mar-1762  baptised in Lutjebroek, Geref.
04-Sep-1775  Noordscharwoude Witness at bapt Maria Toet
21-May-1780  Noorscharwoude ‘vertrokken'
28-May-1784  Noorscharwoude vertrokken naar Hensbroek
01-May-1784  Hensbroek, lidmaat
09-May-1786  Noordscharwoude: Met att ingekomen with Arnoldus Lippinghof van Zuidscharwoude
17-Apr-1793  Noorscharwoude: Lidmaat met Arnoldus Lippinghof
19-Oct-1800  Oude Wetering Witness at bapt Jannetje, dr Mietje Zee & Reijer
15-Sep-1811 Oude Wetering Witness at bapt Elisabeth de Jeu, aged 50, Voedvrouw
06-Mar-1840 Alkemade, died aged 78, Vroedvrouw, living with son Klaas.
       1868 Hensbroek, mentioned in notarial doc > not yet reviewed. 

C15 Bregje Zee (x Jacob Gorter)
06-Mar-1791 Arrived Hoogkarspel ("gedateerd 24-Dec-1790") Bregjen Bruin Zee van Hoogwoud. LMR Hoogkarspel >

C17 Frederik Zee
b 1771 Noordscharwoude [Bruin Zee & Jannetje Tromp]
+ 27-Jan-1825 Spanbroek aged 54
x Lijsbeth Wagenaar 29-Nov-1801 Purmerend >
b 21-Apr-1771 Ilpendam [Cornelis Wagenaar & Lijsbeth Sijmons Leuntjes >]
+ 06-Jan-1831 Ilpendam aged 60 >

       1791 Frederik Zee moved to Hoogwoud [LMR Hoogwoud]

03-Jun-1792 Ondermeester in Velsen, applying for job in Sijbekarspel. Created calligraphy/writing demonstration for application >
02-Sep-1792 Noordscharwoude met att ingekomen van Velsen
11-Oct-1792 Noordscharwoude met att vertr naar Oostwoud
       1792 Oostwoud ingekomen van Noorscharwoude [Herv DTB Oostwoud]

03-Apr-1793 Oostwoud vertr naar Akersloot [Herv DTB Oostwoud]
10-Dec-1793 Hoogkarspel arr from Akersloot [DTB Hoogkarspel >]

29-Nov-1801 Frederik married Lijsbeth Wagenaar in Purmerend >. Te Purmerend getrouwt. Fungeerend schoolmeester in de Wijde en Enge Wormer. Lijsje gewoond hebbend te Broek in Waterland. [Lijsje one of 8 children >]
Feb-1803 Left ‘Schoolhouder’ position at Wijdewormer, new job at Spanbroek School, selected from 10 candidates.
05-May-1811 RegCiv: Freek Zee, born 1771. Schoolmeester Spanbroek.

27-Apr-1825 Louwris Zee & Jacob Gorter sold the estate of Frederik Zee, as empowered by Lijsbeth Wagenaar, raised f. 480, 25c. [No. 24]. Louwris Zee noted as secretaris van de gemeente Hoogwoud, en wonend aan de Norderpade te Hoogwoud.

C18 Pieter Zee
b 19-Mar-1772 Noordscharwoude [Bruin Zee & Jannetje Tromp]
+ 25-Jan-1827 Opmeer

x Grietje Smal

1791 moved to Hoogwoud [LMR Hoogwoud]

27-May-1792 Warmenhuizen – transcriptie kerkenraad 1764-1800 – pag. 105 folio 85 verso: Kerkenraatshande{ Art 1 waaren linge bij de vacatuure { Den 27 Meij 1792 nadat alle de Leden present\ van W: Waagemr: gewee { zijn uijt 3 sollicitanten (Vis, Ondermr: te Sijbe:zen schoolmeester { carspel, P: Zee te NoortScharwou, en te Schoorldam, dog { J: Koestapel, Ondermr te Nijkerk; dezelve, ver beroepen na Assen{ :volgens op den Nomm: geplaast, welke per missi delft :ven versogt sijn, tegens Donderdag den 7e: Junij dezes Jaars; nog Eens hier overtekomen: om blijken hun:ner bequaamheijt, aan den E: Kerkenraat te geven wel :ke dag gekomen zijnde: zijn gemelde Schoolmeesters voor den E Kerkenraat gecompareert; en vervolgens geëxamineert, in het, Schrijven, Cijfferen, lezen, & zin :gen: Art 2. Waar op des nademiddags, na aanroeping van des Heeren Naam, met meerderh: van stemmen beroepen tot Schoolmeester van Schoorldam C. Vis. Ondermr: te Sijbecarspel. 

The Ham family

       1692 DTB Lutjebroek members list: Bregje Jans, Pieter Egb(?)ertsz, Trijn Jans, Oom Lutjes [no Tromps specifically mentioned, but naming is very Patronymic.]
10-Oct-1721 Jan Pieters Ham marriage contract with Dieuwertje Jans Koppedraaier, Lutjebroek. Both listed as widowers [WFA]
08-Jan-1733 Jan Pieters Ham overl. [DTB Grootebroek] Jan Pieters Ham married three times. With Trijn Gerrits Dorst, had children Pieter Jans Ham and Bregje Jans Ham. With Aal Herks, had children Herk and Anna. Third wife was Dieuwertje Jan Koppedraaier (married 1721). [source: WFA, various notarial deeds 1700-1750]

Tromp Family

   Jan-1648 Jacob Jansz. Jepper & Wab Luijtjes, daughter named Meinouw [DTB Lutjebroek >] (Likely parents of Freek Tromp, grandfather of Frederik Tromp father of Jannetje).
13-Mar-1672 Marriage at Andijk of Freek Jacobs from Lutjebroek and Brecht Jans, living Munekaij, Andijk [DTB Andijk >]
24-Mar-1675 Freek Jacobs Jepper & Bregt Jans a son named Pieter [DTB Lutjebroek >]
22-Mar-1676 Ijsbrant Claasz Timmerman & Diense Luijtjes daughter Jannetje [DTB Lutjebroek >]

1678 Birth year of Bregje Pieters. 
16-Jul-1679 Jan Dirks Mand & Marij Pieters daughter Brecht op Sondag [DTB Lutjebroek >]
27-Jul-1681 Vreek Jacobs & Bregt Jans a daughter named Wab [DTB Lutjebroek >, >]
22-Jun-1693 Notarial doc lists Pieter Frederiks Tromp, Mandenmaker, son of Frederik Jakobs, Timmerman, brother of Wabke Frederiks, at Grootebroek. [WFA akten notaris Martinus Cornelis Pluijm >]
       1698 Calc year of marriage Bregje Pieters and Pieter Tromp (per death record Pieter Tromp).
17-Jan-1699 Impost Trouwen, Lutjebroek: 'Van Pieter Frederiks ... 'sijn anoniemrecht (wife is anonymous)'. [> p.21] (This date listed elsewhere as when he married Bregje Freeks/Pieters. Anonymous not that unusual, several others on same page doing this)
06-Nov-1699 Pieter Freeke, Bregje Pieters new members at Lutjebroek, also Broer Pietersz, Dieuwtje Cornelis [DTB Lutjebroek > en > p.4]
24-Dec-1705 Boedelscheiding lists Pieter Frederiks Tromp, grandchild of Jan Teunisz Fokels/Roker & Aaf Gerrits, brother of Wabke Frederiks (girl). [>]
13-Jun-1706 LMR Westwoud, Bregje Pieters dr. van de Molenaar [>]
06-Feb-1722 Members: Jan Willemsz & zijn vrouw Wabje Vreek, Vreek Pietersz [LMR Lutjebroek >] 21-Jan-1725 Bevestiging lidmaten: Pieter Tromp, Bregtje, Vreek Pietersz, Broer Pietersz en Dieuwertje, Meinouw Vreeks, 
19-Oct-1741 Brecht (!) Frederiks (!) Timmerman (!), daughter of Mina (!) / Mintje Klaas Rood, sister of Klaas Frederiks, niece of Jan Rood, etc., wonende Hem [>] [unclear if Pieter Tromps wife]
   Jul-1745 DTB Lutjebroek members list: Pieter Tromp, d. Sep-1760, Bregje Freeks (? but beside Pieter Tromp) d. Dec-1763, Freek Pieters Tromp d. 13-May-1760, Bregje Jans Ham d. 17-Mar-1749, Wabjen Freeks, [>] 
15-Apr-1750 Belijdenis Bregje Freeks Tromp [DTB Lutjebroek] (sister of Jantje)
16-May-1752 Brecht Pieters listed as wife of Pieter Frederiks Tromp [1685_1679 ONA 1679. Grootebroek, akten notaris Outger Slaghem, 1742-1756. >]
03-Oct-1760 Impost paid for the body of Pieter Tromp, who was 85 years of age, and had been married for 62 or 63 years to his wife who left behind. [DTB Grootebroek, impost] [>] (Calc birth for Pieter Tromp 1675, died Sep-1760 per DTB, Calc marriage therefore 1698/97)
18-Mar-1761 Belijdenis Jantje Freeks Tromp [DTB Lutjebroek]
23-Aug-1763 Bregje Freeks Tromp met att vertr van/(naar?) Lutjebroek [LMR Wijdenes]
19-Dec-1763 Death Bregjen Pieters, Lutjebroek, impost f3 paid by Pieter Brugman, Bregje was 85 years old. [>] (calc: 1678 birth)

Three Brecht/Bregje's - clearing up confusion
Bregje Jans Ham (1709-1749) was married to Frederik Tromp. She was the daughter of Jan Pieters Ham and Trijn Gerrits Dorst, and the mother of Jannetje Tromp who married Bruin Zee, and Aaltje and Brechtje Tromp. She was earlier married to Dirk Adriaans Komen. [Source: WFA, various Notarial documents 1700-1750 >]

Brecht Pieters (1687-1763), was married to Pieter Frederiks Tromp in 1699, and these were the parents of Frederik P. Tromp. Daughter of Frederik ... The Pieters may refer to Pieter. Suspicion that he married his cousin, or ... even closer relation? (aka Bregje Freeks). Her parents remain unclear.

Brecht Jans Fokels (1644-), was married to Frederik Jacobs Tromp (b.1652?). These are the parents of Pieter Frederiks Tromp.

Trijn Gerrits Dorst
Great tabloid stories about her father Gerrit Dorst (Grotedorst). Add those in.

Finding Brecht Pieters
Boedelscheiding 1705 [>] Pieter Frederiks Tromp, neef van Digna Dirks Pilleman. Neef = Een zoon respectievelijk dochter van iemands oom/tante. Digna 1st wife of Wijbrand Pieters (now remarried), visser, Broekerhaven. Digna is also granddaughter of Jan Teunisz Fokels/Roker x Aaf Gerrits. Also listed Pieter Teunisz, Frederik Pieters as Belendende (neighbours), and Broer Pieters (witness).

Broer Pieters x Dieuwertje Kornelis [>]

Three Bregje Pieters in Lutjebroek 1700-1760. One is our Bregje. There is also a Bregje Pieters, died 1757, body came from Enkhuizen, and a young Bregje Pieters Kuiper mentioned in a will of 1723 as minderjarige nagelaten.
16-May-1718 Lutjebroek, Impost op begraven Luijtjen Pietersz, aangever Bregje Pieters, nihil. Likely brother. There were no other known Bregje Pieters in Lutjebroek at this time, but it could be the 1757 Bregje. 

Luitjen Pieters married Trijn Cornelis Nov 23, 1700 Westwoud.

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