Generation D

Louwris Zee (1792) & Etje van der Molen

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Their Story

Louwris Zee was the son of Bruin Zee and Neeltje Zijp, and was born in 1792 in Hoogwoud. He married Etje van der Molen. His profession was secretaris. The couple had two children, Bruin and Jan. Louwris died very young at age 32.

Bruin Zee first married Anna Hagen, a seamstress from Haarlem with German parents, in 1840. They had two girls, both died young. By 1844 they were divorced, due to Bruin’s infidelity with Marretje Feijkes – a lady some 24 years older than Bruin. Marretje and Bruin lived in the Rozengracht area of Amsterdam. Marretje died around 1851 Bruin remarried to Johanna Keen from Amsterdam.

Jan Zee was a Wagenmaker, lived in Delft. Married Elizabeth Wijnmaalen from Delft. He died in 1861 aged 42. Six children, five daughters and their only son was Laurens Zee [>] who remained unmarried. Laurens was an instrument maker.


D6 Louwris Zee
≈ 25-Nov-1792 Hoogwoud [Bruin Zee & Neeltje Zijp]
† 12-Oct-1825 Hoogwoud aged 32

x Etje van der Molen 11-May-1817 Hoogwoud > 
* 23-Oct-1793 Abbekerk > [Jan van der Molen & Alida Heijmans]

E Bruin Zee    04-Jan-1818 Hoogwoud  x (1) Anna Hagen (2) Johanna Keen
E Jan Zee      25-Jun-1819 Hoogwoud  x Elizabeth Wijnmaalen

Generation E

E Bruin Zee   [Louwris Zee & Etje van der Molen]
* 04-Jan-1818 Hoogwoud
+ 26-Jan-1876 Delfshaven >

x (1) Anna Hagen 15-Apr-1840 Haarlem >
* 12-May-1814 Haarlem > [Jan Hagen & Anna Schmitz]

F Etje            02-Feb-1841 Haarlem    + 24-Jan-1856 Haarlem
F Anna Elizabeth  11-Oct-1842 Haarlem    + 09-Oct-1849 Haarlem

x (2) Johanna Keen 05-Oct-1853 Amsterdam >
* 08-Jan-1822 Amsterdam [>] [Willem Keen & Jansje Niewenhuis]
+ 13-Nov-1898 Leiden >

F1 Brunetta Johanna    16-Sep-1854 Amsterdam [>] x Peter Laverman
F2 Johanna Wilhelmina  21-Mar-1856 Amsterdam [>] x Johannes Kenniphaas
F3 Jansje              28-Jul-1863 Amsterdam [>] + 02-Aug-1863 [>]

E Jan Zee 
* 25-Jun-1819 Hoogwoud [Louwris Zee & Etje van der Molen]
+ 02-Jul-1861 Delft >
x Elizabeth Wijnmalen 21-Jan-1846 Delft >
* 14-May-1819 Delft [Robertus Wijnmaalen & Ida Kleijweg]
+ 19-Apr-1886 Delft >

F1 Laurens Zee    15-Jun-1846 Delft                        + 09-Jan-1889 Delft
F2 Elizabeth Zee  26-Aug-1848 Delft
F3 Ettje Zee      16-Mar-1851 Delft  x Stephanus Groeneweg + 25-Oct-1880
F4 Yda Zee        10-Jun-1853 Delft  x Johannes Lignion    + 27-Dec-1919 Rijswijk
F5 Willemina Zee  30-Oct-1855 Delft                        + 28-Feb-1858 Delft
F6 Jacomina Zee   23-Sep-1858 Delft  x Cornelis Sprenger   + 24-Aug-1910 Delft


Louwris Zee, Jan Zee

03-Feb-1823  Louwris Zee & Etje van der Molen, loan registered to Bruin Zee jr, f. 1000, for the purchase of 'Huismans woning', Boet en Erve, 11 Bunders en 7 Roeden grasland, at Noorderpade Hoogwoud. [> p7]
01-Nov-1825  Etje van der Molen, weduwe Louwris Zee, procuratie [> p20], also 10-Nov.
23-Nov-1825  Etje van der Molen, weduwe Louwris Zee (secretaris Gemeente Bestuur Hoogwoud), wonend Noorderpade No. 13, Hoogwoud, inventaris, voogdij minderjarige kinderen Bruin (7) & Jan (6). Bruin Zee jr appointed guardian of the children. Notary doc lists estate contents, and values. Louwris left quite a few debts, totalling f5000. Medical bills f. 75., a debt to brother Bruin jr of 1000.  Etje denies knowing of some of them and does not want to be responsible. [> p368]
14-Dec-1828 Etje remarries to Hendrik de Groot in Uitgeest [>]
22-Aug-1829 Etje files Testament. Not yet viewed. [>]
18-Dec-1834 Hearing into the guardianship of sons Bruin and Jan, after the death of their father Louwris, also present Bruin Zee, living Venhuizen, their uncle and present guardian. [> p. 335]
02-Jul-1861 Death of Jan Zee, beroep Wagenmaker >
01-Oct-1869 Etje van der Molen moves to Rotterdam with son Bruin. 
08-May-1871 Laurens Zee, instrumentmaker, ongehuwd, wonend Gasthuislaan 311 >
28-Apr-1884 Laurens Zee will, leaves all to mother >

Bruin Zee

08-Oct-1844 Bruin and Anna Hagen Divorce. Echtscheiding vonnis Rechtbank Haarlem 08-10-1844. Anna Hagen's mother is from Elberfeldt in Germany. Her father Jan Barend Hagen is from Prussia. [>]
   Aug-1850 Bruin Zee & Marretje Feijkes move to Rozengracht 71 (later aka 371), hoek Akoleijenstraat [>]. Marretje berope mutsenmaker. Staying with them briefly is Willem Wouter Feijkes, b. 8-Sep-1822 Ams. (in April 1851). Willem matroos 2e klas. Marretje baptised Noorderkerk 10-May-1794 [>], father Baerent Feijkes & mother Maria Katriena Boekhorst.
06-May-1851 Bruin Zee & Marretje Feijkes move to 1e Roozendwarsstraat 20 [>]
10-Aug-1852 Bruin Zee & Marretje Feijkes move to Elandstraat 535 [>]
09-Jun-1853 Bruin moves to Laurierstraat 627, Amsterdam. Beroep Sjouerman. Living with Marretje Feykes, born 10 May 1794 Hoogwoud (elsewhere noted as Amsterdam >). Relative or partner? From further [>] appears Marretje died shortly afterwards on 14 Aug 1853. A note in his entry in the population register says married to IJ Man(d)?? Jacobus Johannes Man(d) born 26-May-1841 [>]
01-Feb-1855 Bruin moves to Roosengracht 409B (Achterkamer). [>] Oct 1855 moves to FF116. Beroep Suikerbakker.
   Dec-1861 Bruin and Johanna move to Lijnbaangracht 129, Amsterdam. They are here for two months [>]. From MM311. 
   Jan-1862 Bruin and Johanna move to Elandstraat 106, Amsterdam. He is working as a Pakhuisknecht (Warehouse helper). [>]
   Mar-1863 They move to Elandstraat 381. [>] Jantje is born here but dies 5 days later.
01-Oct-1869. They move to Rotterdam. Now living with them is Etje van der Molen, Bruin's mother. [>] Profession now Suijkerbakker (Sugar Baker).



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