Harm Seekamp (1580)

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Harm Seekamp was the great-great-grandfather of Bruno Zee. He is estimated to have been born c. 1580 in Bierden, son of Brüne Seekamp in Bollen [not confirmed, theory from local historians]


He had three children: Wöltje, Brüning and Albert. This much we know from the 1630 marriage of Wöltje. However, it’s no certain Harm & the children lived in Bierden in the early years of their lives. They may also have moved from Bollen. More research required here.

We don’t know who his wife was.

OFB/Local history suggests that his father was Brüne Seekamp of Bollen.


S4 Harm Seekamp 
b         1580 Bierden [] >
x NN


1. Wöltje Seekamp    c. 1604 Bierden x Gesche Dahlweg
2. Brüning Seekamp   c. 1605 Bierden
3. Albert Seekamp    c. 1610 Bierden

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