A visit to the Westfries Archief

The thing that amazes me most about visiting archives in Holland is that you can get your hands on some really old documents, and it’s not considered a big deal….

Gerrit Grotedorst and the big pub crawl of 1680

For any Zee alive today and reading this, I’m sorry to report that Gerrit Grotedorst is a direct forefather. And not one of the good ones! Most likely, your 7th-great-grandfather….

Research: Finding two Meyers

Looking for Anna Margaretha Meyer (Bruno’s Wife)and Hinrich Meyer (Bruno’s VOC shipmate) Anna Margaretha Meyer Baptism St. Petri Dom Bremen [May 2020, Die Maus] 09133 MEYER, BerendtGeboren: G 1672.Verbindung Kirchl.Heirat…