Twisk is a special little place. It’s a uniquely beautiful little Dutch village and sparkles in the crown of Noord-Holland. Our family history dates back to around 1810 here.

Jan Zee (the youngest of Bruin Zee the Shipbuilder’s children) lived here around 1810, before moving to Winkel.

His son Pieter Zee, born 1812, moved here to marry Neeltje Veer in 1832. They had a plethora of children, and all except for the Andijk branch of the Zee family can trace back to this Pieter Zee.

Where did they live? Tough question, and I’m working on it. The numbering system of the houses in Twisk changed a good number of times … so working back to a definite answer is taking time!

Finding the Zee houses of Twisk

Pieter Zee & Neeltje Veer

For a long time we thought that Pieter & Neeltje lived in present-day No. 79 in Twisk, which is a well-known stolp boerderij. We were wrong. The location of their house is the present-day Dorpsweg 142. It’s been through a mind boggling array of number changes – No. 79 (pre-1850) / No. 82 (1850) / No. 87 (1861) / No. 117 (1879) / No. 115 Kom (1893) / No. Kom 85A (1901) / No. Kom B90 (1906) / No. Kom 90B (1920) / and finally … K142, then Dorpsweg 142 today.

From the estate of Neeltje Veer, who died in 1888 is this reference to the house:

WFA > OA >

Twisk Kadaster Sectie D nummer 214, groot elf aren negentig centiaren, valued by the estate at fl. 1600.

Jan Zee & Trijntje Bakker

Jan Zee Pz was a baker in Twisk. He lived at Nr. 62 (1879) with his 3 daughters Neeltje, Aagje and Aaltje. They moved to Hoogwoud in 1886 (Langereis).

Andries Zee & Neeltje Leeuw

Took over ownership of Pieter Zee & Neeltje Veer’s house around 1886 – the same one he was born in, the original “Zee house” in Twisk.

Neeltje Zee & Hendrik Blokpoel

Neeltje Zee was the daughter of Jan Zee & Trijntje Bakker. In 1894, she moved into Nr. 93 Kom with her husband Hendrik Blokpoel, a teacher originally from Den Haag. The house had previously been owned by Dirk Leeuw, and it’s noted that they moved from Nr. 81 Kom. They had six children, all born in Twisk.

Frederik Zee & Maartje Bakker

Dorpsweg No. 79

– For a long time we thought this was the original home of Pieter Zee & Neeltje Veer – turns out this was not the case. Although they lived at Nr. 79 in the 1840’s, that is not the same as Nr. 79 today.

House numbering in Twisk

The first governmental Bevolkingsregister or Population Register for Twisk started in 1821. The house numbers run from 1 to 115. For our family, there are no entries in this register – it stops around 1827.

The second Bevolkingsregister was in 1850 – same idea, different format. In comparing the house numbers and family names from the first to the second register, it’s clear with the 1850 register, the numbers changed: they went up by three. In the first, at No. 75 is Gerrit Zijp – the second, he’s at No 78. At 78 was Gerrit Nes, in the 1850 register he’s at 81. At 76 was Adam Lak, in the 1850 register he’s at 79.

For Pieter Zee & Neeltje Veer: before 1850 their house was known as “No. 79”, and after 1850, “No. 82”. This clarifies some long-running confusion. Although No. 79 is today a beautiful monument house, it’s not the one that Pieter Zee lived at. He and Neeltje raised their family at No. 82.

Bevolkingsregister 1851

The next question is whether “No. 82” is the same No. 82 we know today … and, it turns out, it’s not.

In the third Bevolkingsregister – for the period 1861-1880, that 82 became 87. In Twisk, all the house numbers (at least in this part of it) went up again – by five. So in 1861, Pieter Zee & Neeltje Veer are now at 87, which was 82 in 1850, and 79 before that.

Bevolkingsregister 1861

The 1861 register also tells us a little about the movements of the children of Pieter Zee. By 1861, the eldest children had moved out – Cornelis Zee was first, to Opperdoes in 1859. Jan Zee and Aaltje had also moved out. In 1861, all the children were listed as “Veehouder Leerling” – students of cattle farming. Antje Zee went to Opperdoes on 12th May 1864, aged 19 – probably to her brother Cees. Frederik Zee went to Opperdoes on 9th May 1868, aged 22. Jacob Zee moved to Wijdenes on 19th May 1871, aged 23.

So … No. 87. in 1861. Would it remain that number so we can find it today?

No! In the 1879 Bevolkingsregister, once again, the numbers have increased. Pieter Zee’s house Nr. 87 has become Nr. 117. Same neighbours – Gerrit Nes and Cornelis Hoogeland, but a new number again on the house.

Bevolkingsregister 1879

In this update, we can see that the house passes from Pieter Zee to Andries Zee, his son, after the death of Neeltje Veer. Andries married Neeltje Leeuw in 1867 – they had their first son Pieter in Twisk, and then moved to Opperdoes where further sons Dirk and Andries were born. In 1886 Andries and his family moved back to Twisk. His mother Neeltje died in 1888.

The next edition of the register is in 1893. What number awaits us here?

By 1893 we already know that Pieter Zee’s house has passed to Andries Zee. However, Number 117 has now become 115 “Kom”. The “Kom” numbers are a later addition to the Twisk house numbering sytem, but don’t change the picture much. Also, Neeltje Zee moves in to the House at Nr. 93 Kom with her husband Hendrik Blokpoel, coming from Nr. 81 Kom.

Timeline – house numbering in Twisk

16-Nov-1833 Neeltje Veer moves from Benningbroek to Twisk. Father Cornelis had died in 1832. In 1834 (18-Aug) her mother Antje van Leeuwen moved to Berkhout. [LMR Benningbroek] Also LMR Twisk [>] Approx start date of appointment as midwife of Twisk.

04-Jul-1834 Pieter Zee arrives Twisk [LMR Twisk >]
29-Aug-1834 Pieter Zee discharged from the military, replacement Simon Voerman. [>]
26-Oct-1834 Marriage of Pieter Zee (bouwman) and Neeltje Veer (vroedvrouw/midwife), at Twisk. [>]
13-Feb-1837 Pieter Zee, Bouwman (Farmer), in birth reg. of son Jan Zee, witness Gerrit Nes, Jan Vroom. No address mentioned. [>]
25-Jan-1840 Pieter Zee living Twisk, Dorpsweg 79, birth of Andries Zee [>]
08-Feb-1840 Pieter Zee living Twisk, Dorpsweg 79, noted in reg. of death of son Andries, two weeks old [>]. Same address in 1845, birth of Frederik.
06-Jan-1843 Neeltje Veer, in testament of mother Antje van Leeuwen [>]. Antje van Leeuwen, winkelierster, living Benningbroek. Three daughters are inheritors - Neeltje, Maartje and Barber, as well as the children of her deceased daughter Ijtje Veer. She made a revised version in 1858 [>]
23-Apr-1850 Pieter Zee living Twisk, Dorpsweg 79, noted at birth of son Pieter, witness Dirk Klomp, Cees Zwaan.
05-Jul-1851 Pieter Zee living Twisk, Dorpsweg 82, as at birth of Sijmon [>]. So the move from 79 to 82 was between Apr 1850 and July 1851, and likely before the new register in 1850.
01-Jan-1850 -1860 Population register (first). Pieter Zee & Family, living Dorpsweg 82, also Reinoutje Timmerman (b 1803, died 1893, daughter of Cornelis Timmerman & Guurtje Langedijk). Neeltje Leeuw at No. 80, b. 1845. At 79, Adam Lak until 1853, then Arien Lak, then Klaas Bobeldijk 1857, later Cornelis Roggeveen until 1858. [>] 
04-Dec-1851 Pieter Zee living Twisk, Dorpsweg 82, noted in reg. of death of son Sijmon, 21 weeks [>] Same address for birth of Jantje, 15-Jan-1853.
05-Jan-1860 Boedelinventaris of Antje van Leeuwen, Neeltje's mother [>].
01-Jan-1861 -1879 Population register. Pieter Zee & Family, living Dorpsweg 87, also Maartje Nes (b. 1828). Living at 82 is now Jan Baas & Maartje Kistemaker. In 1869, No. 87 becomes occupied by Pieter Kalf & Antje de Nies. Two doors down at No. 85 is Dirk Leeuw & Else Kort; with Andries Zee & Neeltje Leeuw living there, and on 21-Feb-1868 their son Pieter Zee. 117 no mention of Pieter Zee, so move there after 1879. 10-Apr-1862 Cornelis Zee & Maartje Pels move in to No. 90, until 30-Apr-1870. [>]
       1867 Op een adres van eenige arme ingezetenen van Abbekerk, zich beklagende dat, na het vertrek van den geneesheer Timmermans, de verloskundige armen-praktijk aan een genees-, heel- en verloskundige te Twisk was opgedragen, adviseerde de adjunct-inspecteur den Commissaris des Konings, dat de klagten der adressanten hem, wegens den aanmerkelijken afstand van Twisk, voorkwamen zeer gegrond te zijn, en hij wenschen zou dat het gemeentebestuur van Abbekei k aldaar eene vroedvrouw aanstelde. Het gevolg is alleen geweest dat de Raad van Abbekerk, nevens den genees-kundige te Twisk, ook de vroedvrouw aldaar met de verloskundige armen-praktijk belast heeft. [>]
01-Jan-1879 -1892 Population register. Pieter Zee & Family, living Dorpsweg 117, also Maartje Nes. On 26-Jan-1886 Andries Zee becomes the head of the property at 117, with Neeltje Leeuw, with family listed. At 116 is living Gerrit Nes & Dieuwertje Ham.  [>]
21-Sep-1881 Death Cert of Pieter Zee, died in the house in Twisk No. 117.
08-Sep-1888 Death of Neeltje Veer, died at House Nr. 115.

Continuing the house search

05-Feb-1892 Neeltje Leeuw, wife of Andries Zee, dies, huis Nr 115. [>]
1893-1900 Andries Zee (not Neeltje Leeuw), now reg. at Nr. 115 Kom. In 1895, went to Nr. 148. In 1893, at 117 is living Arien Wurkum. [BvR 1893-]

1900-1903 K60: Maarten Zijp & Antje Bakker. K79A: Jan Bregger & Jantje Spaans, K79/3:Klaas Zwier, & various, K80: Cornelis Zijp & Aafje Spaander.

1903-1909 W2 Cornelis Zee. West number go to about 40, then starts at K1. K60: Maarten Zijp & Antje Bakker. K79: From Jan 1904, Jan Bregger & Jantje Spaans. Next K79 missing. K82: Herman Konrad Schenke & Grietje Kuin(?). K115: Klaas Wonder & Jannetje Kool. K117: Only Aaltje Zee, arrived 1905 from Abbekerk, x Pieter Kwantes (?). [>]

Twisk House register 1821-1840 >

74: Leendert Hoefnagel
75: Gerrit Zijp
76: Adam Lak
77: Meindert Leeuw
78: Gerrit Nes & Ijtje Klaver
79: Sijmon Koomen, wife Trijntje Broers. Moved in 1821. Sijmon died 1825. Trijntje Broers died 12 Mar 1831. [exactly around time of Pieter Zee's marriage/move to Twisk]. 
80: Pieter Spijker
81: Klaas Ham & Antje Bruin
81: (also) Klaas Bakker & Cornelisje Sluijs
82: Pieter Dekker (Bakker?) & Guurtje Zijp
83: Klaas Koster & Trijntje Brogger.
84: Albert Blaauw
85: Willem Dingnum
86: Jan Compas & Antje Aker
87: Pieter Ruijter

House numbers go up to 115: Jacob Wagemaker & Guurtje Zwaan. The book stops around 1827, which explains why no entry here for Pieter Zee. There is therefore a gap 1827-1850.

Twisk House register 1850-1860 >

House numbers start at 2. Let's see what matches up.

74: Dirk Leeuwrik 
75: Nicholas Kok
75: (also) Klaas Bakker
76: Pieter Kwantes, Pieter Bobeldijk
77: Abram Groot, then also 1856 - Cornelis Zwaan
78: Gerrit Zijp & Geertje Slot. Geertije Zijp b. 19 Aug 1837.
79: Adam Lak, 1857 - Klaas Bobeldijk
79: (also, sep. page) Cornelis Roggeveen & family, mennonites.
80: Cornelis Leeuw, mennonite.
80: (also) Dirk Leeuw
81: Pieter Nes & Ijtje Klaver, dan Jan Nes 1857.
82: Pieter Zee & Neeltje Veer
82: (also) Dirk Klomp & Grietje Wormer
83: Cornelis Hoogeland
84: None
85: Jacob Winder, 1858 Klaas Bakker
86: Cornelis Grootewal

It's clear that the house numbers went up by three in 1850. In the first, at No. 75 is Gerrit Zijp - in the second (1850), he's at No 78. At 78 was Gerrit Nes, in the 1850 register he's at 81. At 76 was Adam Lak, in the 1850 register he's at 79.

Twisk House register 1861-1879 >

Did the numbers stay the same?

78: Andries Nes
79: Dirk Wirkum & Anna Lak, Jan Lak, Jacob Klomp
80: Pieter Bobeldijk & Jantje Kwantes
81: Cornelis Zwaan & Anna Beurs
82: Jan Baas & Maartje Kistemaker
83: Jan Bregger
83: Gerrit Zijp & Geertje Slot, then Cornelis Zijp & Aaftje Spaander
84: Klaas Bobeldijk (84 crossed out and made "90" later on)
84: (also) Dirk Klomp & Grietje Vermer
85: Dirk Leeuw
86: Jan Nes
87: Pieter Zee & Neeltje Veer
88: Cornelis Hogeland

So - again, there was a numbering change in 1861. Everything went up by five. For Pieter Zee, in 1860 he's at No. 87, but that's the same house he's always lived in. 

01-May-1875 Pieter Zee & Grietje Zijp move into House Nr. 27. Pieter Landbouwer. [>]
 - Neighbours, for reference later: No. 26 Lammert Timmerman. No. 29 Dirk Leeuwrik. Also 29. Jacob Wagemaker en Grietje Ham. No.34 Klaas Ham, later Pieter Haringhuizen, then Pieter Donker (1873). 

Twisk House register 1879-1892 >

68: Jan Zee & Trijntje Bakker with daughters Neeltje, Aagje and Aaltje. Jan Zee beroep: bakker. Left 1-Nov-1886 to Hoogwoud. Note: 'aan de Langereis'. Also Pieter Zee born 188(0?), zoon. 

70: Jan Baas, later Johannes Scheer
70: (also) Klaas Veerman
71: Pieter Wurkum, also: Pieter Kee
72: Cornelis Leeuw

77: Pieter Ham
79: Pieter Slot
85: Jan Knip, Hendrik Deugd
87: Cornelis Kruijt & Lijsbeth Grootewal
88: Jan Lakeman
89: Henrikus Vijn
90: Jan Laan
91: Maarten Zijp
92: Jacob Laan
94: Klaas Scheer
95: Pieter Donker
99: Hervormde Kerk
100: Pastorie
101: School. 
102: Woonhuis
109: Pieter Bobeldijk
112: Cornelis Zijp & Aafje Spaander
113: Klaas Bobeldijk & Antje Smit?
114: Dirk Leeuw 
115: Jan Nes
116: Gerrit Nes
117: Pieter Zee
118: Cornelis Hoogeland
119: Dirk Schermer

Numbers 99-101 give geographic placing to the numbers, as being where the church and school are. It's clear that once again a numbering change has happened. Pieter Zee is still listed as living between Gerrit Nes and Cornelis Hoogeland, but his house is now Nr. 117.

Twisk House register 1893-1899 >

"Kom" numbers are introduced
109 Kom: Cornelis Zijp & Aafje Spaander
110 Kom: Gerrit Dammes & Geertje de Vries, 110B: Broer Dammes
111 Kom: Klaas Leeuw, 1897 Johann Schenke
112 Kom: Trijntje Kee
113 Kom: Gerrit Nes, 1895 Jan Nes
114 Kom: Hidzer Hoekstra & Maartje Kok
115 Kom: Andries Zee, Dirk Zee, Andries Zee jr, Antje Nes. Andries Zee "overgebracht op Nr. 148 1895". Same for Andries Zee jr. Dirk Zee became hoofd. Pieter Bakker & Aagje Baas moved into the house 2-Feb-1897.
116 Kom: Elisabeth Zwaan, Dirk Schermer
117 Kom: Arien Wurkum & Trijntje Baas
118 Kom: (A) Klaas Hart & Grietje Smak

The indication here is that Nr. 117 in 1879 became 115 Kom by 1893. So again, new number, same house.

Twisk House register 1900-1903 >

We will now follow the owners of 115 Kom - Pieter Zee's old house - to make sure that 115 Kom is Dorpsweg 115 today. In 1897 Pieter Bakker & Aagje Baas took ownership from Andries Zee. 

Looks like more re-numbering. 

Kom 81B: Gerrit Dammes 
Kom 82: Herman Schenke
Kom 83A: Trijntje Kee
Kom 83B: Jan Laan & Maartje Bakker Pastoor.
Kom 84: Jan Nes & Trijntje Visser
Kom 85A: Pieter Bakker & Aagje Baas
Kom 85: Aaltje Zee (geb. Bakker (?) geb. 28 July 1828.
Kom 86: Hidzer Hoekstra

Kom 111: Dirk Bakker & Antje Laan
Kom 112: Jan Donker & Trijntje Laan
Kom 113: Pieter Pijper & Pietertje Nes
Kom 114: Aaltje Ham
Kom 115: A Simon Kwantes & Aaltje Timmerman
Kom 115: B Klaas Wonder & Jannetje Kool
Kom 116: Dirk Ham & Elisabeth Hoefnagel
Kom 117: Andries Zee & Johanna van Wyland, also Andries Zee Az (1881) & Andries Zee Sz (1896) [Neef, geb. Hoogwoud]

Conclusion: The Pieter Zee house is now numbered Kom 85A in 1901.

Twisk House register 1900-1909 > 

The next register has the same year start date as the previous but continues to 1909. In this one:

Kom 84 crossed out with Kom 89A &B: Jan Nes & Trijntje Visser
Kom 85 crossed out with Kom A90: Aaltje Zee (died 1907), Maarten Ossekooper
Kom 85A crossed out with Kom B90 : Pieter Bakker & Aagje Baas
Kom 86 crossed out with Kom 91 : Hidzer Hoekstra

Conclusion: The Pieter Zee house is renumbered Kom B90 in 1906.

Twisk House register 1910 - 1920 >

In this register the numbers stay the same. 

Kom 89: Jan Nes & Trijntje Visser
Kom 90A: Maarten Ossekooper, then Jan Winkum & Aafje Smit (1914), then in 1919 to Adrianus Kooiman & Jantje Bondekoning.
Kom 90B: Pieter Bakker & Aagje Baas until February 1911. House then changes ownership to Dirk Wijdenes & Jacoba Oortgijsen.
Kom 91: Hidzer Hoekstra & Maartje Kok

So - no number change: the Pieter Zee house remains Kom 90B in 1920.

The next register does not become public until 2039! That means we have to work forward from here with help from the Stichting Twisca.

After 1920 - from Stichting Twisca photo database >

Reference below is to the present day "K" (Kom) numbers - which equate to Dorpsweg numbers.

K139: fam. Schenke, fam. Kwerreveld, C.H. Sprengen, Fam. Wout, Sjef en Suzan Wolters.
K140: fam. Jan Laan, Arend Laan, Tijmen de Vries, Wieger Schaap, D. Schaap-Loos, Piet Rempt x Willy Strobos en Trea Rempt x Arie Vijn(sinds 1998 in tweeen bewoond).
K141: "Jan Nes Pzn liet K135 bouwen toen hij ging rentenieren en van de boerderij K141 verhuisde"
K141: Jan Nes Pzn. x Trijnie Visser, C. M. van der Molen x Bakkum-Pastoor, fam. Simon Klaver, wed. Neefjes en zoon

K142: G. Wijdenes, fam. Langjouw, Aris en Grietje Visser, M. van Staveren, Klaas Zijp (jonge) x Jantje Swan, fam. ? 
K142: Aris en Grietje Visser, M. van Staveren, Klaas Zijp x Jantje Swan, fam. ??
K142: "inpandig 1958"
K142: "1958 inwendig verbouwd"

K143: Corn Schimmel, fam. Stam, fam. B. de Hondt.
K143: D. Schuitemaker, Cor Schimmel , fam. Stam, fam. B. de Hondt
K143: Laatste bewoner was Arie Kooyman van beroep rijwielhersteller en brongasreparateur. Januari 1923 is deze stolp verbrand. Hier voor in de plaats kwam de rentenierswoning van bakker Schuitemaker. 

K144: "Vroeger Wagenmakerij van H. Hoekstra van 1893-1938".
K144: Jan Rempt en Nel Spaans, Jan Winkel, melkboer, vader van Dirk, Ton van Kesteren, kunstenaar, x Jane Verijzer, Anton Kok x J.C. Verijzer x Louise Versteeg

K141 matches Kom 89 in 1920 - Jan Nes
K142 matches Kom 90B in 1920 - Wijdenes
K143 matches Kom 90A in 1920 - Arie Kooyman 
K144 matches Kom 91 in 1920 - H. Hoekstra

Photo from 1920 >: "Geheel op de achtergrond loopt mw. Wijdenes-Oortgijzen met haar kleinzoon D. Popma" ... "Dorpsgezicht in westelijke richting nabij de doopgezinde kerk(niet zichtbaar)omstreeks 1920. De heer in 't midden is de bekende dokter Demmers, arts te Twisk van juni 1907-februari 1925. De auto, een Peugeot 208, van de heer Reek was de 1e auto in Twisk. De hoge bomen rechts voor de kerk en de dokterswoning zijn verdwenen, evenals het gietijzeren hek voor de kerk. Ook de iepen links, zijn in de tweede wereldoorlog gerooid en vervangen door esdoorns."

Final conclusion:
The house of Pieter Zee eventually became known as K142, and today Dorpsweg 142.
"Inpandig 1958" suggests another house was built around it. 

Still needs more research! 

Frederik Zee & Maartje Bakker in Twisk

Where did they live?

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